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Captain’s Log

As Captain of a multi-million-pound, 70m superyacht, my job is to make each voyage safe, controlled and enjoyable. Commanding the bridge of a vessel that's fitted with VesselWatch, is going to be achievable today, whatever happens.


Passenger safety and privacy are constant and paramount concerns and having sophisticated two-way radio communications supported by VesselWatch allows me to keep them safe around the clock. I’m not at all surprised that it’s now fitted as standard on the vast majority of new superyachts.

VesselWatch integrates and enhances many onboard systems; significant technologies and individually industry leaders in their fields, as wide ranging as the sublime sophistication of the Ming steward call button to the discreet environment monitoring and tracking capabilities of ECDIS. These integrations support multiple applications of wireless communication systems to adapt to every conceivable requirement. VesselWatch uses secure, fully encrypted and precisely targeted information to save time, minimise disruption and ultimately protect lives at sea.

This morning for example, with the help of VesselWatch, the Chief Steward can oversee the responses to multiple requests from all guest areas of the ship including the dining room, guest suites, gymnasium and spa. The galley, laundry and guest services are also hectic, but everything is running as it should. The crew's jobs are made not only more manageable, but their performance and response are improved by only having one handheld device to pay attention to for all communications, instructions, alerts and emergencies. VesselWatch only alerts crew radios that need to be included in any request for attention and manages the whole scenario in communication terms. The crew can get on with their regular duties without interruption unless required for a specific call, improving the efficiency of crew response and productivity.

Having this standard of super-tech integration available throughout the entire vessel also gives the owners or hosts peace of mind of knowing that their standards of offering a seven-star service will be maintained at all times. This makes it one of the most technologically advanced, safest, and comfortable vessels I’ve had the pleasure of Captaining.

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