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Providing 6-Star Service at Sea

As Chief Steward, I'm primarily concerned with providing an efficient, streamlined and discreet 6-star service. My team works around the clock throughout the entire trip to ensure that the owners and their guests enjoy their luxurious surroundings with a level of hospitality and service to match.


That involves a delicate balancing of people, timing and appropriate response. Ideally, this should translate as a request being picked up and acknowledged straight away, and being acted upon by the most appropriate person. The worst case scenario is no response (everyone thinking someone else has it covered) or, equally embarrassing, multiple crew-members arriving at once.

Essentially floating luxury hotels or holiday homes, superyachts bristle with technology, and this particular vessel is advanced even by today's standards as it's amongst the world's largest superyachts fitted with the technological support of VesselWatch. Not only does this offer all the advantages of two-way radio communications, but it also features the integration of VesselWatch with the Ming call buttons technology which is the best support my team and the owners alike can experience at sea.

Luxury with VesselWatch and Ming

To look at, you wouldn’t imagine that the buttons, discretely nestled amongst the table decorations are anything other than another beautiful ornament. Behind the exquisite and often bespoke hand-crafted cases, the Ming call system satisfies the most exacting and exceptional service conditions that life aboard a 6-star luxury vessel can present.

Take this evening, for example, pre-dinner drinks and full dinner service in the company of the owners and their guests. Ming call service buttons integrated with VesselWatch are monitored via two-way radios to provide instant and appropriate response throughout the evening for the hosts to request additional items from the galley, an additional crew-member to attend to a specific guest request and to discretely stage-manage the entire evening.

Ming addresses the need for excellent guest service with the minimum of disruption to crew work-flow and duty obligations. Touching a call button sends an immediate location specific service request, which means that only the most appropriate group can receive the signal. When one crew-member accepts the call request; the rest of the team receive the signal that the call is being responded to and can carry on with their regular duties.

In the dining room, the host receives a discreet call acceptance signal letting them know that the request has been received and is being acted on.

Not confined to the dining room or entertainment areas of the vessel, Ming buttons can be individually configured to suit the location and most usually requested calls from that location, including requests for a Steward, Nanny, Doctor or Security personnel.

Wireless, intelligent and instinctive, Ming service call buttons, integrated with VesselWatch brings service excellence where, when and in whatever form it is required, wirelessly and instinctively.

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