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Sun, Sea and Safety

As Chief Officer, my principal responsibilities concern the safety and security of guests and crew alike during the entire trip and not only while aboard the vessel.

It's entirely usual for vessels of this type to have 'high profile' owners and guests aboard, including families with young children. Passenger safety and privacy are constant and paramount concerns and having sophisticated two-way radio communications supported by VesselWatch allows me to keep them safe around the clock. Activities such as jet-skiing present particular challenges but again this vessel is supported by world-leading technology including, ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) enhanced further with integration to VesselWatch, which I regard to be the ultimate navigation safety system.


This integration not only utilises the GPS location in the radios and presents these on the ECDIS dashboard. Through VesselWatch assets can also be tracked in water utilising the digitally encrypted communications system. Crew overseeing the afternoon's fun from a tender moored at a discreet distance, can set geo-fenced perimeters to create safe-zones for family fun. If a jet ski should stray out of the safe-zone for example, intelligent alerts inform crew radios and if necessary immediately give location details to assist a quick response, including emergency assistance if required. All communications and GPS locations for two-way radio linked with VesselWatch are fully encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

VesselWatch ensures messages and alerts are not missed with the three-stage escalating plan; if the primary group does not respond, the alert passes on to a designated back-up group, still no response, and the signal can be sent to all radios or via SMS, Email or onboard Workstation Alerts.

Even when away from the privacy and protection of the main vessel, safety and personal security are never compromised thanks to VesselWatch

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