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VesselWatch and Crestron – A Winning Hospitality Partnership

As Chief Stewardess, I am responsible for the full range of guest services aboard this exclusive floating hotel. The challenges my role presents include; catering for the exacting needs of guests who expect luxury 7-star around-the-clock service, with a crew who although highly skilled and experienced, may not have worked together as a team before and, finally, managing the added logistical and safety considerations of being at sea.


This vessel, like many of its type, uses the latest marine technology which helps manage every aspect of the boat's handling, ongoing maintenance, safety systems and guest management. My job is manageable thanks in no small part to the vessel-wide integration of Crestron tablets with VesselWatch intelligent radio solution. Guests use the Crestron tablets to browse menus on a room-based tablet or audio-visual system to summons food, drinks, the latest movie, and a Nanny service or even medical assistance, at the touch of a button.

For the crew, one touch sends an immediate service request directly to their two-way radios, which, once accepted, sends instant confirmation to the tablet to show who is responding to the call. However, Crestron is far more than a crew-call device; it can control the lighting, heating, music, TV, close the blinds and provide any number of alarm-based reminders and calls. Crestron is room-specific and can operate in the same environment as other wireless crew-call devices, such as service call buttons for example.


Guest cabins call for specific solutions to a range of requests, so in this environment, Crestron is set up for dealing with entertainment systems, environmental preferences and housekeeping matters. In the boardroom, however, Crestron may be called upon to access company accounts, CAD drawings and plans, technical specifications, audio-visual resources as well as a means for calling for drinks and food.

The crew working on any vessel of this type have to adopt trusted working relationships with their fellow team members from the off. Experience and professionalism help them to achieve this, but what gives them the extra edge and helps them to exceed the 7-star standards we are measured by is the support of smart-technologies. Crestron and VesselWatch is key in this regard, giving them accurate, real-time information via their two-way radio handsets to go about their duties unimpeded unless a specific call demands their attention.

My team and myself simply couldn’t achieve all that we do in the controlled, discreet, efficient and timely way that we do, without it.

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